Summer Bites and Sips

Today we taste tested some of our newest Summer 2015 Party Treats. 

Bites and Sips are trending for this summer's upcoming celebrations.

Where would these be just fabulous?
These awesome passed hors d'oeuvres are a great addition to a Summer BBQ Menu, Engagement Party, Company Picnic, Graduation Party, or a Summer Weekend Getaway Event!

What are Summer Bites and Sips?
Put simply, Bites and Sips are a wonderful **BLAST** of SUMMER in your mouth. My favorite was the seafood taco and mojito drop

What We Tasted Today:
- Rolled Seafood Taco and Mojito Drop
- Lamb Kabobs over Couscous Sided with Rose Tea Sips
- Pulled Pork on a Biscuit with Lynchburg Lemonade Swig 
- Fried Chicken and Waffle Bites with Coca-Cola Sips
- Vegetable Tacos and Mojito Sips (Cranberry Mojito Option Available) 

We can not wait to serve these at a cocktail party near you!

We Cater to NYC, NJ, and CT. Keep these fun new items in mind for your next event!

Call today to add this to your event proposal!

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