Hoboken St. Patrick's Day

Celebrating Hoboken St. Patrick's Day or NYC Saint Patrick's Day Parade?

If you are hosting a pre event celebration at your apartment in Hoboken or NYC for St. Patrick's Day we are here to cater and assist you with your event! Doing it yourself?
Below are Ashley's tips and tricks to hosting a fun and safe Lepre-con!

ashley's d.i.y hoboken st.  patrick's day tips & tricks

Step 1: Paper your apartment floor. This may seem a bit odd but with the right masking tape everyone will think you are a genius! 

Invest in flooring paper from Home Depot or Lowes. Purchase Masking Tape that is either green or has designs. You can get masking tape from Party City with shamrocks. See bottom left photo for neat flooring paper look in a Hoboken Apartment. This will take you about 30 minutes to an hour but will save your floor in clean up I promise!

Step 2: Have GREEN snacks available for your guests. We can provide green bagels, homemade chips, fruit skewers, disposable plastic and paper products, etc. Make the apartment festive! 

Step 3: Green Drinks! As shown in the above photo we had champagne in a plastic dispenser and used food coloring to make it green. We sided the champagne with orange juice for GREEN MIMOSAS. We pre ordered beverages from the Hoboken Beer and Soda Outlet for a quick and easy morning pick up or delivery! Pre Ordering is very helpful! Also, make sure you have a case or two of water for hydration. 

Step 4: Plastic Tablecloths and Unbreakables ONLY! This is a drinking holiday so we want to make clean up as simple for you as possible! Remove any breakable items from your party area and put a decorative blanket over any light furniture (example the chair below!)

Step 5: Make a large size garbage can accessible for your guests. Let them help you clean up your party while it is still in full swing!

Step 6: Pre Set Party Games, Music, Seating, Etc. 

Step 7: Take a cute photo of your pet and then send them to someone's home that is not attending the party or a boarding service for babysitting. We want to keep our pets out of danger and trouble so we advise you find an appropriate sitter so that you can enjoy yourself and your pet is safe and away from any danger!

Step 8: Get ready in your green attire, take a deep breath, make yourself a quick morning mimosa and have a blast with your friends!


The photos above are not a 'Personal Touch Experience' but were completely appropriate for Ashley's early 20's crowd at last year's Hoboken Saint Patrick's Day - aka: Lepre-con. We hope this Quick D.I.Y St. Patrick's Day Party check list helps! Please comment and post pictures of your event!