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With warm weather approaching and summer just around the corner we have started a health kick here at Personal Touch. Over the years we have realized there is no magic cure for the quick fix we all want. We have found that juicing makes us too hungry, crash diets somehow always fail and with of our busy schedules time always somehow gets in the way of us and our perfect healthy body and weight we desire.

We have been working on a few fitness plans since February and have finally seen some results. Through our trial and error experiments we noticed that by adding some of these healthy additions to our life-stlye we not only look better, but we feel better as well!


This is not a quick fix or extreme life style change.. it is a simple buddy system anyone can do at work or home and achieve their fitness goals just as we have been doing.

- Pick a buddy: Pick a buddy you can compete with in a positive way, motivate each other and be excited for one another as you reach your fitness goals.. 
- Meal prep: Pre prep a morning breakfast drink and snack. Keep it in the freezer at work all day. You can bring a few at a time because frozen fruits and vegetables will last a little longer than fresh at room temp. Our favorite drink meal replacement is below!
Remove the junk food / temptations: This has been the hardest part for us working in an office so close to a kitchen filled with so much amazing food. By prepping some smoothies and healthy snacks along with motivating each other not to give into the temptation of delicious brownies at 3:00 PM, we have been pretty successful!
- Deskercise: What is deskercising you ask? A few cardio exercises you can do once an hour or once every two hours to get your heart pumping and body feeling great throughout the day! Our favorite deskercises are below as well! By adding these simple exercises I feel the difference! I am walking taller, have better posture and feel much more confident knowing I am keeping my body strong!


GREEN SMOOTHIE / Meal Replacement / Filling Snack RECIPE

1 cup frozen or fresh pineapple
1 medium banana
½ Cup Avocado
1 handful of spinach
1 cup Coconut Water

We Freeze these in 16 oz containers without the coconut water. Add coconut water into blender once you are ready to make. Enjoy!



- 30 Desk Pushups

- 30 Chair Dips

- 1 Minute Wall Sit

- 30 Jumping Jacks

We have had a Green Drink to replace one meal a day (breakfast), eating as clean as we can, deskercising every hour and we can feel and see the results!

Try this and let us know how it works for you!
Share your journey and fitness plans that work!

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