How to ask your Bridal Party - Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

Bridal Party Proposals are a VERY BIG DEAL for this generation!

It is no longer a simple dinner to ask your favorite group of people, it is now a PINTREST masterpiece to show how creative you can be!

I wanted to keep all aspects of my wedding in alignment with our TRAVEL / ARUBA BEACH theme.. so here is what we did!



We asked these two cuties on one big adventure date!

We picked them each up at school (which was a treat for them in itself - kids love when their big cousins pick them up from school!)
We then took them to our house where they had to first put together a puzzle! It was a race to the finish which of course my sweet God son won! Once they completed the puzzle it said 'will you be our.. 'flower girl' / 'ring bearer'? NOW THEY ARE PUMPED! Jumping up and down / high fiving as if they won the jackpot!
Our next stop: BUILD A BEAR!
Build A Bear will never get old in my opinion! They really do a great job! We had each of them make a bear that will look like them on our wedding day.. so of course they needed sunglasses, flip flops, and passports. Why wouldn't they need the bag to bring them on vacation in too? SO CUTE! We even all got to make a wish when we put the hearts inside the bear for our wedding day wishes!
We then took our ring bearer and flower girl for lunch and then of course ice cream! It was a fun way to spend time with them, ask them and give them something to remember!

How did you ask your flower girl / ring bearer in a travel themed way? SHARE IN OUR COMMENT SECTION!

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