How to ask your Bridal Party - GROOMSMEN

This may have taken a while but it turned out great. Nick took a while to figure out exactly what he wanted to do. He wanted it to be 'him', not TOO corny, and still thoughtful! So this is what he came up with one evening while I was working late!

He went by himself to Michaels. Yes, I received a snapchat of him rolling his basket at Michaels - Kaitlyn and I in the office laughed! He got small wood treasure chests, and paper to put inside. He went home and stained the treasure chests to look the way he wanted them to. I came home to a gross smell in my garage but realized his efforts and praised him. He also purchased cigars and miniature bottles of Jack Daniels (this seems to be everyone in our friend group's drink of choice.)

The next day I printed 'vintage' stickers of Aruba symbols at work as well as two cards for each. One card would go inside the box and the other would go inside a balloon. 

After work we went to Party City and purchased pearl black balloons (because this was his selection like a little kid) and put the card that says 'your service as a groomsman is requested'. We wrote in chalk paint 'POP' on the balloon and attached a safety pin to the string. We tied one balloon to each treasure chest and began our journey at 6:00 PM. With a ton of traffic we went to each of the groomsmen's houses dropped the present at their steps and 'ding dong ditched' - we had to make it a little entertaining!

Later, each guy called and thanked Nick and of course said yes! He is pumped he topped me in our bridal party asking efforts!


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