Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invites - Complete!

After a lot of back and forth, up and down deciding what I wanted to do for my wedding invitations, we selected them, they came in, we sent them out and I am beyond thrilled!

We debated between a passport and a boarding pass for a long time and found this beautiful concept online of a boarding pass holder and postcard return and fell in love!

We went with a light green / ivory and brown concept - that Nick actually selected. Thank God for him and the way he has been in this process he has really been able to hone me in to help me figure out exactly what is best!

We have a classic elegant wedding invitation with a fun twist to make it the 'island' feel I wanted to incorporate into the invites.

Finding these invites were a bit difficult. It is hard to find the correct combination of class and casual! 

We found the greatest invitation company we could have possibly worked with

Inspirations by Amie Lee

I strongly suggest checking her out. She was so patient with me and my 500 ideas. Our invitations were delivered in gorgeous packaging so clean, crisp and perfect - they actually ended up better than I imagined!

For all brides/grooms getting ready to send out invites I suggest starting NOW! I did not think I 'cared' as much as I did about my invites. Gather your ideas, wants, and expectations and find someone that is able to create it! Inspirations by Amie Lee made my invitation dreams come true! 

Let me know what you think of her work and I look forward to seeing your awesome destination wedding invitation ideas!

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