How To: Plan a Corporate Event

How To: Begin Planning a Corporate Function

Beginning with a ‘theme’ allows your creativity to flow while still targeting an outcome. We suggest to first select your floral and event look you desire based off of your selected theme. After the look is set we suggest creating a menu that flows with the ambiance. A theme subtly creates a feeling for the entire event and allows your guests to enjoy an overall experience as opposed to a ‘regular’ corporate event.


How To: Stay Calm While Planning an Event

The stress of planning an event is usually the reason why most people try to avoid doing so but it is easy to stay calm when you trust your partners!

Hiring reputable or recommend vendors allows you to have peace of mind in knowing that your requests will be taken care of how you envision. Hiring the right vendors then allows you to enjoy the experience of planning and it gives you the certainty that they will create the experience you envision for your event. A little meditation never hurt anyone either!

"We Create the Experience YOU Envision"!

Style Tip: To Linen or Not to Linen?

Beautiful tables without linen are all the rage right now.
You can rent one or utilize an awesome piece you already have.

If you choose to use a linen we always recommend that they ‘kiss’ the floor  (no one wants to see the legs of a pop up table).
High Top Tables use a 114” Round Linen
6’ Tables use a 90x132 Linen
8’ Table Bar with Leg Extenders use a 90x156 Linen


Style Tip: Flowers

When planning corporate functions it is always a great idea to use floral that can be utilized elsewhere after the event concludes.  Should the floral be given to VIP guests? Is there an upcoming event it could be used for?

Using succulents and geometric vases is a stylish way to be creative in event floral and decor ‘after event use’. You could even purchase beautiful faux succulents for the best longevity.