How To: Design Your Dream Wedding

Style Tip: Begin with the End in Mind

Set up an inspiration board. Include everything you would like to see including: floral, plates, glassware, tables, even silverware! It helps to regularly check back on your inspiration throughout the planning process. If you decide to change your direction a bit, you are able to focus in on what originally inspired you to create the experience you envision for your special event!

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How To: Best Utilize Floral and Decor at a Wedding

Choose decor items that you can reuse from ceremony to reception!                   Floral arrangements elevated on chic pedestals can be easily moved from ceremony focal point to a table centerpiece if your ceremony is in the same space as your reception!

How To: Make Sure ALL of Your Guests Feel the Love

A Subtle Sign

At traditional weddings, the bride's family sits on the left, while the groom's family sits on the right BUT your wedding day is about two families becoming one, so break the norms and have your guests choose a seat not a side!

The Best Wedding Day Gift

The greatest gift you can give your spouse on your wedding day is a hand written note. Have your best man and/or maid of honor deliver the note to your significant other right before the ceremony (while getting ready) for a little reminder of why you can't wait to spend the rest of your life with them!